I'm Jonas Luebbers-Moon, a creative developer living in New York. I currently work at Squarespace. You can find me elsewhere on Are.na, Github, and Glitch. Shoot me an email for questions.

Creative development for Squarespace including their homepage, landing pages, and prototypes. →
Marbled paper is a printing technique that creates intricate patterns in colored ink. I made a real-time simulation using fragment shaders. →
A portfolio site for designer Ben Sifel. Includes revolutionary 3D butterfly simulation technology. →
A microsite I made for my wife, Julie. →
This is a WebGL tutorial for JavaScript developers. I wrote and presented this introduction at Squarespace. →
My dad is a teacher and writes excellent poetry. I designed and built a site for his published works. →
View all of your Tumblr likes at once. →
I implemented operational transformation—the same tech Google uses for Docs—for a distributed systems research project. →
A shader that simulates atmospheric scattering and its effect on clouds. →
Monuments began with a script I wrote that generates random three-dimensional structures. I later drew imaginary environments to surround them.
A script that draws images using cross-hatched lines.
Narrow Focus is a digital collage of ink drawings. I used Lua to combine scenes I drew of Williamstown, Massachusetts.
Eyes Through A Car Window is a grid of 120 drawings generated with code.
This is the sketchbook I used while studying architecture in Copenhagen.